Spells are accessed via the Spellbook and are a core part of Magic. They can be used for attacking, enchanting, and teleportation.

To level up Magic you can attack mobs or Enchant Amulets.


Castings spells can be preformed by going into the Spellbook and selecting the type of magic projectile you want. Then wielding a wand in your hand a right clicking where you want the spell to be cast. There is a slight cast time on projectiles.


The location of the projectile spells, within the Spellbook.

Projectile Magic Level Requirements
Wind Strike


1 Air, 1 Mind Rune

Water Strike 5

1 Water, 1 Air, 1 Mind Rune

Earth Strike


2 Earth, 1 Air, 1 Mind Rune

Fire strike


3 Fire, 1 Air, 1 Mind Rune


Enchanting amulets can be done by going into the Spellbook and selecting the Enchanting spell. This will use the required amount of Mind Runes and enchant the Amulet you have selected.

Momentarily enchanted amulets don't have any additional advantaged, and Enchanting is only preformed for Magic Experience.


The location of the enchantment spells, within the Spellbook.


Magic Level


Sapphire Amulet


6 Mind Runes

Emerald Amulet 25

9 Mind Runes

Ruby Amulet


12 Mind Runes


Teleportation is a method of instant travel over unlimited distance. Currently there are four types of teleportation. You can either be teleported by talking to a NPC or by casting a teleportation spell using the magic skill.


The location of the teleport spells, within the Spellbook.

Currently there are four Teleportation spells but more are planned as they exist in RS.


Magic Level

Rune Requirements

Home Teleport (Lumbridge)


No requirements (30 Minute Cooldown)
Varrock Teleport 25 3 Fire, 2 Air, 1 Law Rune
Lumbridge Teleport


1 Earth Runes, 3 Air, 1 Law Rune
Falador Teleport


1 Water, 1 Air, 1 Law Rune

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