The Slayer skill is basically the same thing as attack/defense because you gain the experience for killing enemies but only in the mini game Daemonheim. There are currently 6 available floors (levels) of the dungeon and each requires ten levels above the previous one. Currently only spiders, skeletons and zombies award slayer xp. Loot can be be found in chests that are currently not randomised and will always spawn the same items every 45 seconds or so. There currently is no way of seeing your slayer xp unless you gain xp for it. Your level and xp gained will be displayed in chat.

Task Givers Edit

You can get slaying tasks from people, with names such as Turael, bob, etc. As you progress, your slayer level will increase. The slayer level will let you hit monsters, such as dire chickens. Some task givers require a higher basic slayer level, and the starter task giver is Turael.


While traversing the floors of Daemonheim you will encounter pieces of wood, ores (currently not possible to collect) and chests with loot in them.

Possible loot:

  • Ancient Gold (can be sold to shopkeeper for gp)
  • Cooked Herring
  • Different types of bows