Runecrafting allows you to make runes for casting magic spells. This skill measures how skilled you are at using ancient magic to imbue arcane power into rune essence. The more experienced you are, the more powerful runes you will be able to make.



Aubury is in the rune shop circled.

To make runes, you must mine Rune Essence from the Rune Essence mine.  Aubury in Varrock will transport you to the mine free of charge.  The Aubury's coordinates are X -890 and Z 92. Once the essence is gathered, find one of the Runecrafting Altars  and right click the colored pattern in the middle. This will transport you to the altar zone where you can right click the centerpiece and turn rune essence into the rune corresponding to the altar. Once finished, step into the beacon to be teleported back to the overworld altar.
Level 1 - Air Rune (6 exp)
Level 2 - Mind Rune (11.5 exp) 
Level 5 - Water Rune (7 exp)
Level 9 - Earth Rune (7 exp)
Level 14 - Fire Rune
Level 20 - Body Rune (10 exp)
Level 54 - Law Rune


2014-02-05 21.17.59

The Air Altar, one of several Runecrafting altars.

Air Altar - Found South-West of Falador.

Mind Altar - Found North-East of Goblin Village.

Water Altar - Found in the South-Eastern part of Lumbridge swamps.

Body Altar - Found North-West of Barbarian Village.

Earth Altar - Found North-East of Varrock, you may notice a giant tree nearby.

Fire Altar - Found North of Al Kharid, to the North-West of Duel Arena.

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