Rune Essence Mine

The Rune Essence Mine is a secret mine packed with magical energy. Players are able to mine Rune Essence from four mysterious stones for use in Runecrafting. In order to reach this area, players must complete the "Rune Mysteries" quest.


Players may mine Rune Essence from four mysterious stones. To do so, mine the white blocks on the stone for a chance to recieve Essence. Essence does not stack like other ores, so a good idea is to store everything but a pickaxe in your bank.

Avaliable NPCsEdit


Mysterious Stone

  • Aubury - The Rune Shop, Teleports players to the Rune Essence mines. He can be found at the cords: x:-893 z:90
  • Emmanuel - Center of Mine, Teleports players back to the overworld.

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