Quests are tasks to be completed by talking to NPCs that give rewards such as gold or experience.

List of Available QuestsEdit

Cook's Assistant
  • Start by talking to the cook in Lumbridge castle.
  • You are awarded 300 Cooking XP for delivering 1 egg, 1 bucket of milk, and 1 wheat.
The Restless Ghost
  • Start by talking to Father Aereck in the church in Lumbridge.
  • Talk to Father Urhney in the southwest corner of Lumbridge Swamp to get a Ghostspeak Amulet.
  • Use the amulet to communicate with the ghost in the Lumbridge Graveyard.
  • Head over to the Wizard's Tower and go down the ladder into the basement to retrieve the skull.
  • Run back to the Lumbridge Graveyard and speak to the ghost to finish the quest.
  • Rewards are 800 Attack XP and 100 gold.
Doric's Quest
  • Start by speaking to Doric in his small house north of Falador.
  • He requires 6 Coal Ore, 2 Iron Ore, and 4 Copper Ore.
  • You recieve 1300 Mining XP and 180 gold.
Sheep Shearer
  • Start by talking to Farmer Fred in his house north of Lumbridge.
  • The reward is 800 Crafting XP and 130 gold.
Vampire Slayer
  • Start by talking to Morgan in her house in Draynor Village.
  • Go upstairs in her house and in the chest, grab the garlic, then go to the Blue Moon Inn in Varrock and talk to Dr. Harlow to receive the stake.
  • Go back to Draynor Village and talk to Morgan.
  • Head to Draynor Manor, and go into the basement to fight the Vampire.
  • The reward is 4825 Attack XP.
Imp Catcher
  • Start by talking to Wizard Mizgog in the Wizards' Tower.
  • Kill Imps (creepers) outside the Wizard Tower until you have 3 magical beads.
  • Return to Wizard Mizgog.
  • The reward is 900 Magic XP and 140 gold.
Rune Mysteries
  • Start by talking to Duke Horacio in Lumbridge Castle.
  • Take the mysterious talisman to Wizard Seridor in the basement of the Wizard's Tower.
  • Carry the research package to Aubury in Varrock.
  • Carry the research notes back to Seridor.
  • Rewards are unlocking the Runecrafting skill and 1200 Runecrafting XP.
Black Knights' Fortress
  • Talk to Sir Amik Varzeon on the third floor of the west tower in Falador Castle.
  • Get Full Bronze Helm, Iron Platebody and Cabbage.
  • Equip Helmet and Platebody, enter the fortress and get on the side path of the Black Knight Fortress.
  • Throw in the cabbage and right-click on the hopper.
  • Get back to Falador castle and speak with Sir Amik Varzeon.
  • Rewards are 4500gp and 1500 Agility XP.
Witch's Potion
  • Talk to Hetty in Rimmington
  • Get the Ingredients: Rat's tail (not yet implemented), Ash (Can be acquired by burning food), Eye of Newt (Can be bought from Betty in the magic shop in Port Sarim), and Onion (can be farmed from a potato farm during the quest).
Knight's Sword
  • Talk to the Squire in the Falador Castle Courtyard.
  • Find the creators of the sword by talking to Reldo in Varrock Castle.
  • He will direct you to the Imcando Dwarves in southwestern Port Sarim.
  • Dwarf Thurgo will tell you nothing until you have a Redberry Pie (not yet implemented).
  • The Reward is 12,725 Smithing XP.
Romeo and Juliet
  • Start by talking to Romeo in Varrock Square
  • Go talk with Juliet, she's on the balcony in the house west of Varrock Square.
  • Deliver the letter back to Romeo.
  • Talk with a guy in a house South-West of Varrock Square.
  • Get some Cadava Berries (They're located near Varrock's East mine). Right click the bush to get them.
  • Bring the berries back to the guy.
  • Deliver the potion to Juliet. Then go talk with Romeo.
  • Rewards are 1000gp.
Dragon Slayer
  • Talk to the guy in the Champion's Guild (not yet accessible).