Ores are found throughout MineScape in mines and dig-outs. They are used for creating most types of armour with the appropriate Mining and Smithing level.

Types of OresEdit

Ore Level Tier Xp
Coal 30 3 23
Copper 1 1 17
Tin* 1 1 17
Rune Essence 1 1 5
Iron 15 2 30
Gold 40 4 22
Mithril 55 5 80
Adamant 70 6 95
Runite 85 7 42

*Tin was originally used to created bronze combined with copper, currently it is not implemented but planned. The coal will then be moved to its proper place. (lvl 30 tier 3)

Important LocationsEdit

  • The Mining Guild is located in Falador but its most important part is that it's underground. You have to have at least level ~60 to enter and is possibly the best source of all ores excluding Runite. It is also connected to a cave system that can be entered by two different entrances that have plenty of ores though not as rich as the Mining Guild .
  • Rune essence mine.
  • The Wilderness Mine, the only known location of Runite ore.