gp, an acronym of "Gold Pieces" is the standard currency of Minescape.

It is commonly known as "Coins", "Gold", or "Money", and is an integral part of the economy.

Money is a decimal system, and as such, has decimal suffixes to avoid using lots of 0s:

  • "K" for 1,000
  • "M" or "Mil" for 1,000,000
  • "B" or "Bil" for 1,000,000,000

Checking Your BalanceEdit


This can be done in two ways.

The first is a command, by typing


You can see your balance, printed to chat.

The second is the more RS correct way, and the most likely to not be changed. After opening your inventory, the Levels menu has a coins icon (Like the image on the right), that, when hovered over, shows your balance.


Currently, money is used to trade for almost all items, and trading can be conducted in 4 ways.

Shopkeeper TradingEdit

Shopkeepers will sell and buy goods to and from the player for coins, automatically deducted or adding them from and to the player's balance. (See General Store)


In-Trade PaymentEdit

Eventually the trading system will allow you to offer coins within the trade window, but this feature is currently unimplemented.

Manual PaymentEdit

While the Trading system is unimplemented, the command

/pay <name> <amount>

is there for players to use. This pays another player directly from your balance, and CANNOT be undone.

Grand ExchangeEdit

The grand exchange lets players buy and sell goods in a global marketplace. This functions like a trade where both parties involved may have no other contact. (See Grand Exchange)