This ability allows players to catch fish in game by right click a water source while holding either a Net, Fishing Rod, Fly Fishing Rod, Lobster Cage, or Harpoon.

You can buy Fishing Equipment in Port Sarim.


The Prices shown are how much you get for selling to the general store.


Level 1 - Shrimp [10xp] [6gp]

Level 25 - Anchovies [40xp] [7gp]

Fishing Rod:

Level 10 - Herring [30xp] [6gp]

Level 48 - Pike [60 xp] [15gp]

Fly Fishing Rod:

Level 36 - Trout [50xp] [7gp]

Level 60 - Salmon [70xp] [88gp]

Lobster Cage:

Level 75 - Lobster [90xp][268gp]


Level 91 - Swordfish [?gp]

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