With this skill you can create anything from arrows to dragonhide armor!


To craft, you require a Chisel which can be bought at a General Store. When you right click you will open a gui with the available crafting recipes that tell you the requirements.


Item Level Tier Xp
Bronze Arrows 1 1 20
Sapphire Amulet 5 2 20
Shortbow 7 3 20
Emerald Amulet 15 4 40
Oak Shortbow 20 5 50
Ruby Amulet 30 6 *
Maple Shortbow 45 7 80
Green Dragonhide Chaps 60 8 *
Yew Shortbow 65 9 *
Green Dragonhide Body 71 10 *
Magic Shortbow 85 11 *

Anything marked with a star (*) was not known at time of writing. Please fill it if you have had a chance to perform the task required.

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