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Coal Ore

Coal is a resource that can be obtained by Mining . It it used to create the following

Mining Coal Gives 23 Mining Experience.

Coal is one of the most common ores found in MineScape, alongside Copper ore . Coal is found in almost every mine, though the majority of Coal ore is located in the Mining Guild. Both can be mined with a mining level of 1.


In the original Runescape, Coal is only mineable at level 30 and above. In MineScape, Coal has replaced the Tin ore's function in the making of Bronze Bars whilst the rest of the bars' ingredients remain the same as in Runescape, where they must be smelt with higher tiers of ore; increasing by two per tier, up to eight for a Rune Bar. Due to Coal ore being the second ingredient in all bars except Iron, it makes for an excellent money farming method. A single stack of Coal is worth a hefty amount, selling both on the Grand Exchange and amongst players trading directly.


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