Clue Scrolls

Clue Scroll Found

Every monster has a 1/5000 (.02%) chance to drop a clue scroll.

Giant Rats have a reduced drop rate at 1/10000.

Clue Scroll Look

When you get a clue scroll you right click and get coordinates that you go to in order to find a chest.

Clue Chest Found

Opening the chest will tell you in the chat how much gold you have been awarded and then in your inventory you will find additional items such as adamant armour (g).

Clue Scroll Loot

You CANNOT trade Clue Scrolls! They will not work once traded!

Possible RewardsEdit

Any magic runes (Stack of 64)
Adamant Platebody [g]
Adamant Platelegs [g]
DragonHide Armor [g]
DragonHide Chaps [g]
Magic Bow [Power V, Infinity]
9,000 - 40,000 Gold