Bronze Bar
Bronze bar
A Bronze Bar.




50 Coins




1 Copper Ore & 1 Coal

Bronze Bar is a resource that can be obtained by Smelting 1 Copper Ore and 1 Coal . It it used to create: 

  • Bronze Pickaxe with a smithing Level of 1 
  • Bronze Scythe with a smithing Level of 1
  • Bronze Sword with a smithing Level of 4 
  • Bronze Helm with a smithing Level of 3 
  • Bronze Platelegs with a smithing Level of 11 
  • Bronze Platebody with a smithing Level of 16

Smelting 1 Bronze Bar gives 9 Smithing Exp, meaning 1 stack will give a total of 576 Exp.

Bronze Bar is the first Mineral Bar that you will use in MineScape.

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